Dear Meetup

8th November 2017

Many of us, myself included, have spent years building communities on your platform. While not without rough edges, Meetup provides a suite of tools that have been an integral part of how we communicate with our members. We have been hugely encouraged by all the recent hard work that has been put in to improving the look and feel of Meetup after a long period of stagnation, but we feel that several of the changes will have a negative effect on our communities. In a few days you will force changes that impact how we communicate with our members and provide no ability to opt-out, removing important features and changing others in ways that will be detrimental to how we clearly communicate with our members. Individually, many are quite small, but the cumulative effect is significant.

Here are some of our concerns with the new version, which we hope you’ll take as constructive feedback from long-time users of your platform.

Google URL Shortener

Community page


Organisers / Hosts / Attendees




The diversity of our attendees is something many of us work hard to address, especially for tech meetups where there is a preconception about what they will be like. a number of the changes will make that harder to address. Our Meetup event page is the shop window to our group. By hiding most of the attendees, and removing our ability to emphasise aspects of the group or event through simple formatting tools, it becomes much harder to encourage those who might have second thoughts by emphasising the positive steps we take.

Wrap up

Much of the new interface is a definite improvement over the old version. The community page especially looks refreshed, in general, but we think your team need to spend a bit more time looking at how event hosts actually use the platform and build something that is compatible and empowers us to build strong communities with great planning and communication tooling.


Adam Butler / Bristol JS

Roger Shepherd / Bristol and Bath Internet of Things Meetup

Simon Starr / Bath Ruby User Group

Lee Stone / PHPSW

Paul Leader / Bath Camp

Nic Hemley / BrisTech

Nic Alpi / Design / Build / Market

Are you a Meetup organiser and would like to sign this open letter? Add your details here. These people have:

Karl Tynan & Lee Kelleher / umBristol

Joseph Woodward / .NET South West

Dan Clarke / .NET Oxford

Andy Gale / Bristol DevOps

Mike Masey / Front End Kent

Calum Ryan / Tonbridge Digital

Mike Masey / UmbKent

Jamie Middleton / TechSPARKuk

Piers Storey / Oxford Python

Update 10th November 2017 08:15:

😄 I’d like to thank Meetup CEO Scott Heiferman & VP of Product Fiona Spruill who have responded to this letter. Their responses acknowledge our concerns, and state that they take them seriously. Now we can only hope this translates into reality and changes are implemented to have a positive impact on our communities. See the responses below: